Addressing the 2018 Adelaide Crows Preseason Camp


For Wolfgang Wildgrace
  • Wolfgang, thanks for sharing your wisdom and gift. – Don Pyke
  • To Wolfgang, you have an amazing gift, thank you from me and my family. – Scott Camporeale
  • Every word meant the world. – Josh Jenkins
  • Wolfgang, thank you. – Matt Crouch
  • No words Wolfgang! – Bryce Gibbs
  • To Wolfgang, you have made us all better men. You are an amazing person. – Rory Sloane
  • To Wolfgang, thanks for supporting me in my time of need. – Daniel Talia
  • Wolfgang, WOW, thank you! – Taylor Walker
  • To Wolfgang, thanks for helping me, I commit. – Kyle Hartigan
  • Thanks Wolfgang. – Eddie Betts
  • To Wolfgang, thanks for the truth. – Richard Douglas

  • For Max Witsenhuysen
  • Max, thanks for your help with our men. – Don Pyke
  • To Max, thanks for your care and support. – Scott Camporeale
  • To Max, you’re integrity is inspiring. – Josh Jenkins
  • Thank you Max! – Matt Crouch
  • Thanks Max. – Bryce Gibbs
  • To Max, I have never felt more care and safe with someone I have never met. – Rory Sloane
  • To Max, thanks for being there for me. – Daniel Talia
  • Thank you Max! – Taylor Walker
  • To Max, thanks for working with us, I’m committed. – Kyle Hartigan
  • Thanks for understanding Max. – Eddie Betts
  • To Max, thanks for showing me the way. – Richard Douglas

  • For Gary Simpson
  • Gary, thank you for your gift. – Don Pyke
  • Thanks Gary! – Scott Camporeale
  • From our phone call, until now, and moving forward. – Josh Jenkins
  • Thank you. – Matt Crouch
  • Thanks Gary. – Bryce Gibbs
  • Gary, I Will Never Forget This…Lion Heart, Thank You. – Rory Sloane
  • To Gary, thanks for your wisdom. – Daniel Talia
  • Gary, thank you. – Taylor Walker
  • To Gary, thanks for working with us. – Kyle Hartigan
  • Thanks Gary. – Eddie Betts
  • Thanks Gary. – Richard Douglas

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